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We encourage you to utilize your resources in the best way that you see fit, and also to be as creative as possible in your collection strategy. No doubt, you know your territory and the people in your community better than we do, but the one thing that makes a difference between success and failure, is the level of participation from all of the members in your organization in raising funds through the collection of used, unwanted cell phones.

Recommended Steps

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Make A Commitment
Making a commitment to the I.Wireless Recycling Program as a source for raising funds is essential in order to be successful. We recommend that your decision to adopt an ongoing cell phone collection program be communicated to every employee through the message board, employee newsletter, etc.
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Appoint A Coordinator
Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish it is important to appoint someone to coordinate the efforts and ideas. This responsibility requires between two to eight hours per week depending on the population density of your location and your goals. This position can be paid or on a volunteer basis.
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Strategicaly Place Drop Boxes & Posters
The use of collection boxes at popular locations is a recommended strategy. Examples inlcude banks, barber shops, beauty salons, churches, coffee shops, convenience stores, libraries, hospitals, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
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Contact Local Businesses & Organizations
Local businesses can play a vital role in the success of your collection. We offer “letter templates” for you to contact businesses directly. You can download these templates, personalise them, and use them as needed.
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Contact Your Local Chamber Of  Commerce
Your local chamber of commerce should be notified of your collection program. They can help you spread the word and offer databases of businesses to contact. Feel free to use our “Letter to Chamber of Commerce” document as a template.
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Contact Your Local Media
It is essential that the local media learns of your collection program. Many local news organizations will offer free advertising in community sections of their publications or shows. This communication can be handled easily using our sample “Press Release” template.
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